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Driver Education Foundation Of America Opens The Doors Of Opportunity For Disadvantaged Young Americans

The Driver Education Foundation of America (DEFA) is a 501(c) (3) national, non-profit organization. The Foundation chartered on July 16, 2007, with the purpose of transforming the lives of young individuals through driver education and safety. Support for the organization comes by means of donations from corporations and individuals, as well as grants, gifts and volunteer efforts.

The Driver Education Foundation of America's goal is to enrich the lives of young individuals, ages 15 – 25 years, who cannot attend a driver training facility due to limited financial resources. As a charitable and educational non-profit organization, scholarships will be awarded to students meeting the criteria established by the Foundation. These students will attend a DEFA certified driving school facility in closest proximity to their area of residence.

Mission Statement

DEFA will help transform the lives of many young individuals by awarding scholarships that will provide mentoring, education and application of driver skills training in accordance with the laws of each state. The Foundation will partner with driving schools across America creating the highest level of driver education for students.


DEFA's Vision is:

  • To educate as many young individuals as possible with advanced driving skills and knowledge, improving driving standards across America.
  • To record statistics, research driving behaviors and provide information to further improve the laws and legislation for driving skills and training standards on a national level.
  • To work with the government and other non-profit organizations in the fight to reduce and prevent motor vehicle accidents by improving the driving skills of our younger generation.
  • To provide generations of trained and skilled drivers to corporate, civic and government organizations.

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